Daffodil Day School

Providing Twin Cities families with the highest level of holistic child care.


Our mission

The Daffodil Day School seeks to provide parents and children with the highest level of holistic child care through ensuring consistency of care, time in nature, free play, and healthy food.  The goal of the school is to provide for children a safe, wonder-filled world and provide for parents an easy choice for child care that gives them peace of mind.

For the early years of childhood, we at DDS believe that:

  • Every child has the world to explore and unique gifts to guide them on this journey.
  • Consistency of care and caregivers is paramount in building a sense of trust and well-being in each child.
  • It is through imitation that young children learn and grow.
  • Early childhood is a time for experiential, not academic, learning.
  • Allowing children to grow at their own pace fosters healthy development of the child.
  • Freedom of movement, in safe environments, develops that which is most fundamental to childhood: imagination, movement, and play
  • Children of all ages thrive in a mixed-age environment
  • Together, parents, caregivers, and children can feed each other’s sense of well-being.