Claire has been watching our child for more than a year and has amazed us with her patience and skill!  We’re not quite sure what we would do without “Nanny Poppins” as her nickname has become with all of our friends and family.  Deciding to be a working mom was a tough choice for me and Claire has made it so much easier!  She gives us excellent feedback, encourages lots of physical play and music, and brings lots of energy to our child’s day.  We would HIGHLY recommend!

We have had Claire take care of our two little girls for nearly 2 years now, and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone and everyone.  She is patient, thoughtful, loving, responsible, and tons of fun.  She brings the kids outside rain or shine and spends the majority of the day there, which we love. You can really tell that childcare is Claire’s calling.  I constantly see books about childcare/early childhood that she reads during our kids’ naps.  It’s what she loves to do–and what she’s great at!

Claire cares for our son, Benjamin, gently and with incredible love.  He isn’t the easiest baby that ever cooed on Earth, but she matter-of-factly accepts and gracefully fulfills his prodigious need for touch and stimulation.    Claire takes him outside daily and sends us pictures of him in wool hats, cheeks pink from the Minnesota air.  We receive pictures of him watching, learning from, and being tended to by the older kids, which is good news for him and for them.  Claire does wonderful things for Ben, but also for the neighborhood that surrounds them, taking advantage of parks and public libraries and the grass and neighbors right outside the door.  In the way that she values people, interaction, play, and growth, she makes Ben better and our city better.  We are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful, enriching school for many years to come; we are glad that a place like Daffodil Day School exists in general and particularly grateful that it exists for our son.

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